Fourche Creek – A Natural Gem Near Doniphan, Missouri, and Current River

As many of you know, I have recently moved from the Northern East Coast to my homeland in the South, and like any creature who has become dry, I cannot drink enough of the beauty of my forever home that lies around me once more.

Highway 53 in the Missouri Bootheel

Although I grew up in the Bootheel of Southeast Missouri–a flat farmland–I am currently living and painting a few hours west of that, in the Ozarks Mountains.

Ozarks Anywhere USA – Jacki Kellum Watercolor
Ozark Mountain Artist

Fourche Creek – Near Doniphan Missouri

I spent this past week in the Bootheel, and on the way back, I stopped at Fourche Creek just west of Doniphan, Missouri.

There is just barely enough space to park a car next to the bridge that crosses Fourche Creek where it crosses Highway 142, and there is less footing than that to walk down to the actual creek and to become part of it, but that is a journey well worth the extra steps.

View of Fourche Creek from the bridge that crosses Highway 142.

If you anywhere near Doniphan, please take the time to climb down to the teaming banks of Fourche Creek. The water is clear, and in August, wildflowers climb the hills toward higher ground. I dare say that not many make this trek. It is an almost completely virginal celebration of nature, and it requires almost no hiking.

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