A Review of Drawing with Ipad Pro, the Apple Pencil, & the App Paper by 53

Boy with Curls by Jacki Kellum Created on Ipad Pro with Apple Pencil January 15, 2016

This post was originally written in January of 2016

Believe it or not, I drew the above on my new Ipad Pro, using my new Apple Pencil and the app Paper by 53. Unlike many of the drawings and paintings that I have done on computer apps, the above image was not computer-assisted. I did not load an image and trace over that image. More importantly, I did not load an image and 1, 2, 3 – Poof! I had a drawing. Although I used the Ipad pro to create the above drawing, I considered every mark carefully and placed it myself. This is the first time that I have done computer art that I would classify as true art. The Ipad Pro, the Apple Pencil, and the app Paper by 53 were mere tools for me–rather like a pencil and paper would be–but I did the drawing.

I like the Ipad Pro’s Size. Its screen is almost 13.” In fact, Apple makes a Mac that is almost the same size. I believe that the Ipad Pro is the same size as the computer Surface Pro. While 13″ is a bit small for my computer, it is a HUGE improvement over the size of other Ipads, and because it offers Ipad apps and because it coordinates with the Apple pencil, the Ipad Pro offers drawing potential that computers do not offer.

A canvas designed for your biggest ideas.
“With 5.6 million pixels, iPad Pro features the highest‑resolution Retina display of any iOS device. The 12.9‑inch screen makes everything you do — editing 4K video, designing presentations, running a business — easier, faster, and more engaging. And the Multi‑Touch subsystem has been re-engineered, expanding the ways you can interact with iPad.”

Ipad Pro is NOT Just Another Ipad – Especially Not When It Is Teamed with Apple Pencil

Apple has a reputation for releasing new models of Iphones that are not significantly improved from the previous versions. I feel sure that people wonder whether the Ipad Pro is like that. I have had Ipads since Ipad 2, and I assure you that with the Ipad Pro, Apple has definitely raised the bar–and especially when it is teamed with the Apple Pencil, which ONLY works with Ipad Pro.
When I initially began looking at the Ipad Pro, I was most interested in its much larger screen size. I knew that I would be using the Ipad Pro for art, and I wanted to try using it for animation. The 10″ screens cramp my style. When I actually began using the Ipad Pro, I discovered that it had much more to offer than an enlarged screen.

When the Apple Pencil is used with Ipad Pro, the duo becomes a visual arts tool that is incomparable. Unlike other styluses, the Apple Pencil allows you to draw with the point and on the side. When you draw with the point of the Apple Pencil, you merely get a line. In fact, your line will look much the same as it would, had you drawn it with a Bamboo stylus–or even your finger. When you lower the Apple Pencil to its side, the magic occurs.

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