A Look at a Great Font Pairing – Satisfy and Oswald – Both Free Fonts

This summer, I am adding Graphic Design to my arsenal of art skills. I found a set of great classes on Udemy to help me learn graphic design. Graphic Design uses a completely different set of art skills than I had ever used as a painter, and I needed help making the transition. Lindsay Marsh is one of the most competent teachers on Udemy, and although I have purchased all of her classes, her class in Logo Design, Using Adobe Illustrator, was a great place for me to launch my study:  https://www.udemy.com/logo-design-mastery-in-adobe-illustrator/  

Please know that before I began Lindsay’s Logo Design Class, I had never created a logo before, and I was an absolute beginner with the use of illustrator.

My first challenge was to learn to create a logo. I had an assignment to create a logo for a coffee shop, and that thrust me into a plethora of research. First, I upscaled a vector of a coffee cup that I found online, and then, I added a gradient to the smoke.

Second, I needed to add font around the coffee cup. Although I have tons of fonts on my computer, I only knew how to use two or three fonts. I spent days looking for a font that had a lower case “f” that I felt would work well with the curling smoke and would still have a certain amount of sophistication. I selected Satisfy for my coffee font.

Third, I looked on Google to see which fonts pair well with Satisfy, and I discovered that Oswald was a good font for that purpose. Although Satisfy only comes in one weight – Regular – Oswald comes in several font weights.


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